The Military Weapons of the United States Army

There is a large number of weapons used by the Department of Defense. These weapons are being explained, beginning with a few of the weapons and devices mainly used by the Special Operations Unit and the Infantry.

Some of these weapons include;

  • The M-4 Carbine

In 1997, the M-4 defense assault rifle was introduced in the US Army. Alongside a collapsible stock and the shortened barrel, the M-4 can be referred to as the main weapon for a quick attack, in the process of quick action and light weight. This weapon weighs 5.6lbs., and also a standard 5.56mm round shape. It is also the standard rifle operated by few of the Army units like the Army Rangers, Special Operations Unit and the 82nd Airborne Division.

  • The M110 Sniper Rifle


In April 2007, Army soldiers fighting in Afghanistan used the M11O sniper rifle to combat against their enemies. The first soldiers to use the rifle in a war zone were those in the Task Force Fury.

  • TheM40A5/6/7 Sniper Rifle

The United States Marine Corps prefer to use this rifle.

It has match grade ammunition that contains a heavy barrel, magazine fed7.62mm for speed and accuracy and for bolt action. The Remington 700 model was used as a guide for making the M40A5 sniper rifle.

  • M-240 Machine Gun

The major characteristics of this M-240 weapon are the approval with a number of configured weapons and also, the forces of other nations. It was introduced into the Marine Corps and the Army in 1997. One major function is the ability to fire a 7.62mm NATO round.

  • Hand Grenades

The hand grenades are referred to as “small bombs”. They contain bad chemicals and explosives that are discharged by rigged booby traps and hand.

The United States military uses the M67 fragmentation grenade. This is the standard grenade of the US Army. The front cover of this grenade is designed with a wire coil that is serrated. The composition B uses a detonating notion of the fuse and is filled with 6.5 ounces of explosive. The body is shaped like a ball and it is not only smooth but has a sheet-metal body.

  • FIM-9 Stinger Missile

To defeat the high-speed, low-level ground aircraft attack, the Stinger missile had to be introduced. This is very useful for unmanned aerial vehicles, transport aircraft, observation and against helicopters. It is composed of a 34.5 pounds man-portable, supersonic and shoulder-fired weapon.

  • TheAT4 Anti-Armor Weapon

The M136 AT4 is devoid of coils and the rifle is mainly applied by Infantry force for the defeat and the combat of a light armor. This light anti-tank weapon is majorly used by the Marine Corps and the United States Army.