The US Military: Major Facts You Should Know

America is populated with a large number of people. Many of the citizens are unaware that the US Military and the Department of defense has been of great help to the people and the government. They also use up a large number of the country’s finance.

The following are also some of the interesting facts to note about the U.S military. They include;

  • In a ratio of 1-4 persons in America, only about 28% of the citizens or less are well-experienced in the field of the military service.
  • Many of American presidents have initially served in the army. Major examples are President Eisenhower and President Washington, who ranked as five-star Generals and President Theodore Roosevelt, who deserved the Medal of Honor as presented to him. During the time of war, twenty-four presidents of the US served in the army and out of the forty-six presidents, thirty served in the US military in total.
  • In the Department of Defense, more individuals are actually employed on regular basis. It has about 1.8 million staffs on call. Their employment rate outweighs large companies like Mobil, Ford, Mobil, Exxon etc.
  • In a day, the Department of Defense consumes about 12,600,000 US gallons and also about 4,600,000,000 US gallons in a year. In the world rank of oil users, the Department of Defense ranks 34th and can compete with other top oil producing countries like Sweden and Iraq.
  • In October 1944, a major incident happened that remains top secret. The US and the USSR military confrontation occurred. The number of people affected by this incident still remains unidentified.
  • In the US military, the most influential gangs in the United States are present amongst them. For example, the Bloods, the gangster disciples, 18th street, Vice lords, Aryan Nations, African Nations, Nortenos, Surenos, Crips, and Aryan Brotherhood etc.
  • In 1971, Diego Garcia which is an island nation was entirely consumed by the British but was exiled to live in the slums of Mauritania, because the US wanted to build their base on the former.
  • Just like the silent type of Velcro, the US military has a secret that can reduce over 95% of the splitting sounds.
  • Pennies are not accepted as currency in US military stores around the world. This is because for the ship, they are cost- consuming and burdensome.
  • Without prior information and approval, in the 60’s, poor neighborhoods like St. Louis, suffered from the spraying of experimental chemicals such as Cadmium and Zinc, just to see the reaction of the radioactive substances on thousands of these residents.
  • For one hour, several shots were fired with the 1400 anti-air artillery and a large number of .50 caliber were shot at a hovering object.  The US military ordered for a complete black out of Los Angeles on the 24th of February 1942, to carry out this act.


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