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The War-Tanks Used by the United States Military

In most battles, war tanks are essential. There are various war-tanks utilized by the US. Military, the following are a few of them. They include; Ford 3-Ton M1918 Tank: This is regarded as the first of its kind, very light, and produced by the United States. The properties were a one-gun tank, small two-man, known […]

The US Military: Major Facts You Should Know

America is populated with a large number of people. Many of the citizens are unaware that the US Military and the Department of defense has been of great help to the people and the government. They also use up a large number of the country‚Äôs finance. The following are also some of the interesting facts […]

The Military Weapons of the United States Army

There is a large number of weapons used by the Department of Defense. These weapons are being explained, beginning with a few of the weapons and devices mainly used by the Special Operations Unit and the Infantry. Some of these weapons include; The M-4 Carbine In 1997, the M-4 defense assault rifle was introduced in […]